GBI is established as a conductor for creativity, touching every part of the process happening in the space. You feel the energy in the room.

Our piece is told from the point of view of an electric current flowing throughout the GBI space. There’s a charge within the character of the building. 

This electricity gets passed on at every touch point, creating a detailed journey throughout the space’s entity, the people and the process.


Every touch-point sparks a creative vignette of oscillating energy. You feel this energy and attention to detail in what’s both in front and behind the lens. It’s a creative community vetted by and for the best of the best.

Our approach involves a variety of mixed mediums, lens choices and choreography.

Using a unique technique, we will be able to freeze an action on camera while continuously moving throughout its entire frame.

You see what’s being captured in front of the lens, but also behind the scenes. Subtle hand-drawn animations personify the electric charge throughout GBI. 


We’ll take a unique approach in capturing the scale of GBI’s 50,000 square foot space.

Combining drone footage with a zooming editing technique will allow us to travel through the space without being constrained by a linear narrative.

The heartbeat of the piece is a hard hitting instrumental that transitions between high-pace energy and ambient sound design.

During certain moments, the space itself influences and integrates with our sound design. The shutter clicks from a camera, photo strobes firing, or muffled sounds of crew discussing the shot - all will blend seamlessly into the soundscape without missing a beat.

The sound design will feel as fluid and continuous as the electric current of creativity flowing through GBI.